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Reusing Geograph Images

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

The Creative Commons licence used for ALL (768,000+) Geograph Images was chosen for a very specific reason – it allows moneyification – helps preserve the archive forever – but it also makes the archive freely available to all – at least as long as reuse is attributed.

As evidenced by the number of images put in forums, blogs, and en-mass in sites like Wikipedia, there is clearly interest in reusing our images, but it its also clear there is some confusion on how to credit photos, and many people also hotlink images directly from the Geograph Servers.

To make it easier we have recently introduced a new page that helps explain the requirements, however as its linked directly from each photo it can be aware of the photo in question, it can also provide snippets of code ready for copy/pasting.

We currently have HTML, code for BB-compatible forums, Creative-Commons RDF matadata, even Wikipedia templates. Example here, look for the link under the big image on the main photo page.

This last entry is particularly new and interesting – this outputs three Wikipedia templates, making sure the image has the maximum amount of the data we have available – this includes the information box (title, links and licence), geotagging, as well as the specific Geograph Template.

Suggestions for other snippets welcome….

Also while here will also mention we have created a Google Gadget, which makes it easy to embed a small selection of Geograph Images in any webpage, or iGoogle itself. To change the selection, run a suitable search on Geograph and copy the i number from the url into the Gadget preferences.