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Geopress and no maps?

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

Recently I have been playing with YSlow quite a bit, mainly for Geograph. A useful feature is it gives the load time for every page (without doing a full scan) in the status bar and I happened to visit this blog and the results where quite surprising.

Geopress which I have installed for adding GeoRSS to rss feeds and creating kml files, (and geotagging the post itself, which is custom), actually includes it’s javascript on each an every page! So 6kb for the core, 34kb for mapstraction, and then because I had blindly entered a API key for Google and Yahoo, get both of their apis thrown in (about 150kb I think), and no maps for all that effort!
I use a Google map for geocoding the post in the first place, so don’t want to blindly disable the whole lot, so as a quick bodge, I just commented out the following line in geopress.php

add_action(‘wp_head’, array(‘GeoPress’, ‘wp_head’));

leaving the ‘admin_head’, so that it would get included in the admin , which is just me.

If I knew more I would digg in and make it a preference, or better yet just make it auto-detected. But posting this here in the hope it useful to someone.