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Monday, April 30th, 2007

Spured on by comments on Stefan’s Ogle Earth blog, have created this little page as a wrapper to the excellent service provided by to automatically convert a RSS feed to KML. It also does RSS->GeoRSS and GeoRSS->KML.

Hopefully should make it a bit easier to load a (Geo)RSS feed into Google Earth in the style of a RSS feed – it auto updates.

… really need more to talk about, been kinda quiet of late…

KML Grouper by State, Country, Continent…

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Meant to be starting work, so will just duplicate my GEC post for the moment:

Well it looks like it works, so pleased to give you this think:

“… Takes a kml file full of placemarks, and organizes them into a folder tree structure, starting by continent and working down though country to state/county if possible…”

feedback is welcome,

In particular thinking of introducing a few more levels of customisation of the grouping, eg only by country, or skip continent etc, but see how it goes…

Huge thanks to for the webservices that power this, and to pmaxfield2 for the idea!

P.S. Not every country has state/county breakdown, notably the UK, this is something that geonames is working to rectify, but even the US gov couldn’t get the data!