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GoogleDevelDay: part 2

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Have how been to the two ‘Geo’ sessions, nothing new to report I don’t think that can’t be got from and the Google Maps API Group (where I had already heard of these), but anyway a quick round up of the main announcements (in no particular order)

  • Maps API – Can now do Directions :) – don’t yet know how flexible the API is tho, or if it even supports UK
  • Maps API – hint that the Geocoder might work (or soon) in the UK, but this could just be the questionee doesnt know yet.
  • Google Maps – Mapplets – porting a mashup to Google Maps
  • Google Earth – New KML 2.2 – as far as I gather its the KML spec only, the viewer is not released yet – but will check.
    • Support for Photo Placemarks – of particular interest to Geograph – tried something like this with models but never got it nice enough to release.
    • Add ‘atom’esque, link and author tags to Placemark
    • Update: just found the Camera tag, YAY!

    More as I find it out (I think I am missing some anyway…), I’ll also verify the facts and flesh out the features with links to more information.

    Update: forgot to mention Ed Parsons also used the Geograph Mapplet demo in his Keynote speech this morning. (see previous posts)

    @Google Developer Day

    Thursday, May 31st, 2007

    I think forgot to mention this before … just arrived in London for the Google Developer Day and waiting for it all to begin, hopefully will post a followup later one, once have something to report (other than might be a video about the event !)…

    oh… and jusw saw in the comments that the mapplet just posted was used in Google’s talk at Where2.0 ;)