Geocube Geograph Clusters in Google Earth

It’s about time did some Google Earth hacking, so thanks to the people at Geocubes, have made a new interactive layer for Google Earth.

Geograph Google Earth Clusters

This works in a similar way to the Geograph SuperLayer, by showing coverage overview, and then zooming in to reveal more detail. The Geocubes layer has the advantage that the clusters work into a closer zoom, and updates to the geograph database make it into the layer within hours. The SuperLayer is slower updating (weeks), but navigating should be much quicker being as its based on KML regions.

You can view also a Google Maps based version of the layer, using the Geocubes API directly.

This is only version 0.1 – there is more to be done – including being able to filter the results based on words and contributor, but this is exciting enough on its own. Once done a bit of work on tidying up the code plan to release it so others can use the geocubes service to create their own layer like this :) Watch this space!

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5 Responses to “Geocube Geograph Clusters in Google Earth”

  1. Frank Taylor says:

    Your network link for the Geograph GE Cluster is not working for me at the moment.

  2. Barry says:

    Hmm, working here on a few computers. You have to zoom on the British Isles before clusters appear.

    Can also take about 5 seconds to calculate (but usually much quicker), sometimes GEv5 can get stuck, and need to right click the link and select Refresh – no idea why.

    If that doesnt help, what OS/vesion GE you using?

  3. Frank Taylor says:

    Oops… I wasn’t zooming in close enough. Maybe you should have something simple like a single big placemark with the total count appear when you’re viewing the entire country or higher.

  4. Barry says:

    Yes, in the next version will probably add a very course set of clusters when far away – as you say to simply act as placeholders. :)

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