Letting your KML loose

I think I have mentioned this before, but have a page that helps share your KML file via various Google services.

Following a post on the Maps help group, realised could update it with some other ways to use the KML (even non Google!)

So view the latest page at

Publishing your KML for Google Earth, Google Maps and Beyond

suggestions for other links welcome in the comments!

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One Response to “Letting your KML loose”

  1. Vincent Viau says:

    Hello GE Super User. Sorry to annoy you. I do not wish to create a GE account and I have a bug report to submit. maybe you can help ?
    OS: WnXP, GE:4.3.7191.6508 (and other)
    Problem: Networked Placemark custom Icons not showing.
    Step to reproduce:
    1) Add a network link to a file on your hard disk that contains a placemark with a custom icon defined in a Style tag
    2) Set the refresh to 10 seconds
    3) Verify that you see your placemark icon
    4) Delete the custom icon from your hard drive
    5) next refresh: GE will show an X icon instead of your custom icon
    6) next refresh: GE will not show any icon
    7) put back the custom icon on you hard drive
    8) next refresh: BUG ! still no custom icon in GE