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Publishing your KML for Google Earth, Google Maps and Beyond


So you have a KML or KMZ file ready for the world? Great! This page is a collection of links to utalise Google Tools for publishing your file easily.

Basically you are going to be creating a XML based wrapper file for your KML file.
This is in Googles 'Gadget' format (for iGoogle and 3rd party websites), but it works on Google Maps as a Mapplet too.

See also: Google Outreach have produced an excellent tutorial on ways to promote your KMZ file.

Steps to follow:
  1. Once you have the KML hosted somewhere, enter the URL below to update the following examples/links

    This can also be output of a dynamic script, or something like Yahoo Pipes, or a generic RSS file via a convertor (the second option will create KML file you should host somewhere, and use the url above)
  2. Validate your KML file at (if a network link you should also validate the destination)
  3. Then Check for Google Maps compatibility
  4. Either
  5. or
    • Head over to the SpecMaker, to get the XML wrapper template for your KML file
    • Host this file on the web somewhere!
      TIP: You can use the Google Gadget Editor, and Google will even host the XML for you!
  6. Once you have the XML hosted somewhere, enter the URL below to update the following examples/links
    heres one I prepared earlier
  7. Provide your users with links to use your new content: (right click and select Copy Shortcut)
  8. Submit it to Google Directories:
  9. Standard Mapplets can also use this link: Mapplet Viewer - for these 'gadget' mapplets the gadget html is displayed in the sidebar

No guarantees, Google could easily change something (intentionally or otherwise) to break this. I don't think it volidates any rules/terms of use, as it simply utalises functionality already provided by Google. Suffice to say its not offically endorsed.

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