Google Earth in the Browser

Google has just announced a new Google Earth API – which allows embedding and fully functional Google Earth in just about any webpage. Even is easily intergratable with Google Maps API mashups – with very little extra code. (takes a number of seconds for that news to sink in!)

Be sure to checkout the samples, (particularly the milktruck demo!), I’ve also started trying it out with a few demos of my own

…Windows only btw…

Expect A LOT MORE from this very flexible looking API – the JS interface can quickly interact with objects (API is based around KML) and gets pretty good control of interface options.

Update: mentioned on which is a good introduction about what this is and what its not!

Update2: and to show it can basically be added to a ‘real world’ Gmaps mashup, in a few lines of code, see here

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4 Responses to “Google Earth in the Browser”

  1. SafariBOy says:

    I can’t believe they did windows only.

  2. Barry says:

    Fairly standard practice nowadays; Windows is, for good or bad, the most prevalent OS – at least its hopeful other support will be forthcoming:

    “Note: This version of the Google Earth Plug-in ONLY operates on Microsoft Windows XP and Vista operating systems. Support for other operating systems is planned in future releases.”

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