HowTo: Copy/Move features between My Maps (GoogleMaps)

Google Maps doesn’t include a method to copy/move features between maps, however as you can import and export features using KML files you can easily use these features to archive the job.

I’ve moved the meat of this post to a Thread on the Google Maps Group – better for Google to be hosting it.

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2 Responses to “HowTo: Copy/Move features between My Maps (GoogleMaps)”

  1. Three Wheeled says:

    Thanks, I think this was in response to my comment this morning… I just want to check though, will this allow for over-riding Google’s 200 image limit thing, or not?

  2. Barry says:

    @Three Wheeled

    These articles are a attempt to write a consise instruction that can just link to rather than rewrite each time on the group.

    I think you are looking for this article which is about getting round the paging.