A winter spruce up…

Have finally got round to (almost) sorting a issue that has plaguing this site for a while, namely a lack of header/footer for site pages. Primarily from laziness, but also due to the mixmash of server scripting languages used to power Nearby. Anyway the upshot is can now relatively easily edit the top/bottom menu areas. So to celebrate there is now far more links at the top of the page.

Have also taken the opportunity to publish a revised homepage I tried creating a while ago, I am not totally happy with it but think it possibly an improvement (or at least a declutter) of the old one, sadly no new features released tho!
(yes this is the first time in over a year an a half have done substantial development in areas other than the Google Dabbles or GeographTools pages)

16 Responses to “A winter spruce up…”

  1. Martin says:

    by the way… great site… and huge amounts of info!


  2. chishti says:

    Hi Doctor
    will u please help me in mar king a road map of Pakistan from google imageries. Is there any way that i can download and save hese imageries in sequence/ in order to further make overlay. or any way to makre overlay on google and save file in KLM/KMZ or GIS format for subsequent use for navigation system . i would be greatful. thanks

  3. Pedro Silos says:

    Do you can help me?
    In http://www.nearby.org.uk/kml-headers.php

    * kml-headers.kml (uses a RewriteRule to direct to the php file)

    I don’t know how to re-direct. Do you can show me an example?

    Thanks from Spain. (SEO/BirdLife)

  4. Barry says:

    For ISS (whcih your site appears to use), you might need to use something like
    (to be honest dont know if IIS has any redirect stuff builtin)

    for Apache

  5. Matt Davis says:

    Hi Barry
    Great co-ordinate converter!
    I was wondering if its possible to submit a list of postcodes and get back a list of the corresponding OS grid references. I volunteer for a wildlife charity and we are trying to find a way to automate converting postcodes (of wildlife sightings) to grid references to input into our database.

    Thanks for your help


  6. Barry says:


    I have an API here:

    you can also download a postcode -> lat/long conversion csv file. I can also supply one that has OS grid Refernces.

  7. Matthew says:

    Hi there,

    I have employed your dyanmic script loading example (number 4 I think)

    var script = document.createElement("script");
    script.setAttribute("src", "http://maps.google.com/maps?file=api&v=2.75&key=&async=2&callback=" + callback);
    script.setAttribute("type", "text/javascript");

    For me the client is forced to reload the script each time, any idea why?

    Is it something to do with dynamically adding script to the body

  8. Matthew says:

    Just to clarify – I would have thought the browser would use a cached version of the maps file?

    But it doesn’t (seems to be the case across all browsers too)


  9. Barry says:

    AFAIK that is deliberate. Google dont cache the ‘loader’ because it’s used for stats tracking etc. But its a small bit of code anyway so shouldnt really be an issue. The actual full API that it goes onto load should be cached tho.

  10. Brad Webb says:

    Hi, been working on Google Maps to create a bird count map for two counts I now manage in Wisconsin (umm, no, not part of Great Britain). Your circle map maker is a lifesaver, as I need to draw a circle to encompass our count area. The tips say such a map can merged into another My Map. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to do so. Any help much appreciated by me and the other volunteers!

  11. Sid Nadgeri says:

    I am currently using oracle spatial data to show on the google maps. After conversion from easting and northing to latitude and longitude … i used the neraby site and its seems it doing correct conversion however the javascript jscoord-1.1.1.js in download section giving the latitude and longitude bit too far from the actual place …
    Will you please let me know are you using any different methid in your cgi?

  12. Dave Watson says:

    Hi Barry your co-ordinate converter is brilliantly simple, I have been using it to convert my GPS locations degrees/mins/secs N/W to SE numbers for my finds locations suitable for my FLO on the PAS scheme, but it seems to have stopped working? is there a problem with it at the moment? Cheers Dave.

  13. sohel says:

    hi Barry..
    gr8 postcode converter..better than streetmap..!
    but while trying to generate point shape file from the OS XY(using tools\Add XY in Arcmap), the locations dont seem to be located right!
    any idea, what can go wrong??
    besides, do you have a csv file that do the converstion from postcode/lat&long to OS XY for a good number of locations/data?

    look forward to getting yr reply soon.


  14. canu says:


    I’ve tried to use your very useful KML Placemark Sorter tool but unfortunately, my KML file is larger than your 500KB limit.

    Please let me know if you have any alternative ideas how I might go about sorting the waypoints in this file.


  15. Alan Rew says:

    Thanks for maintaining this site – it’s been really useful for my walking group, in which some members like to be able to convert an OS grid reference to a postcode for their satnav.
    Also, since multimap.com has been unilaterally replaced by bing.com by microsoft, there isn’t now an easily accessible mapping web site that accepts a grid reference directly (bing.com can’t cope!), and your site gives us a fall-back method for providing map links for people.

  16. Des says:

    Hi Barry
    I need help with the following.
    1. I need to plot markers in google earth approx 10 000 lat and longs from an XML format will be great if the icon can be changed along with color
    2. For each marker I need it to be representative of a 250meter circle
    3. When plotted will give me a form of coverage map
    4. How could I then break it up into segments where if x numbers of markers exist in a segment then can color the region in as red , yellow, orange for high med low .
    5. Appreciate your help on this