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this page is part of GeographTools - Extensions to Geograph British Isles


Welcome to GeographTools, unoffical extension to Geograph British Isles. The items below the double line, havent been maintained since about 2012, and might well not work. The only three tools still maintained are:

Graduates of these 'labs' are marked in green

Text Searches - Full Text Searching - too darn cool not to have a section of their own
| Finder - search as you type | Power Search | Power Search with Location New! | Feed Version (ask for more details) | Finder :: Forum | word fight :) |
(My Blog post about geographic full text searching using SphinxSearch)
Geograph and Google Maps
Playing around with plotting Geograph Images onto an interactive Google Map, using their new fangled API! More Details here (including export to Google Earth!!!!)
Probably could be considered to be replaced by the Geograph Mapplet
Playing with Geograph Maps - Including CC-licenced raw frames to make your own!
| Red/Green Coverage Buildup Animation | Multi-colour Depth Buildup Animation | Playing with Depth Schemes | YouTube video of the Red/Green animation |
Land's End to John O' Groats - a very British walk. - mapping the geograph forum thread as it winds across the country
Interactive viewer for completed myriads!!!!
Myriad : SP (100x100km!) | TV (~ 20x10km)
Firefox & Google Toolbar Search Plugins (Firefox: offical page)
Allows you to search Geograph direct from Firefox Search and/or Google Toolbar
Hectad's in Google Earth
3d bar map in Google Earth depicting photos taken so far, More recent version on Geograph
Fly-around video of Geograph Hectads in Google Earth
Interesting Searches
A list of searches I've compiled (mainly ones not available though the main search interface) - now heinously out of date
Random Geograph, enter optional keyword:

Search Using External Search Engines

Demos of Interacting with Goegraph (API)
Latest Images (animated) - Using RSS feeds inc PHP+Javascript Source
Coordinate Search - Example & PHP Source of doing Dynamic Lookup
Recent Discussions - using the Forum RSS feed, (useful if the main site is slow!)
... For more see the Geograph-API-Users Google Discussion Group

Plot Category Coverage on a GB map (sorry no Ireland yet).

Random Selection of recently generated Overview Maps

Category (as on Geograph):

This section used to mention contributor coverage graphs, but as Geograph now does Personalised Mapping - its been perposed for categories.

... more links in Geograph Links Directory (old sitemap)

"I am a developer on the project, this small section is just my playground before anything makes it onto the main site." Barry Hunter 2005.

If you have any comments or ideas use the Geograph Forum.

In case you wondering what my interest is in Geograph... Well I've had a facination with maps from an early age, and also have been hacking (not cracking!!) around with computers almost as long, bring into that my minor interest in photography, and Geograph seems the perfect fusion. I feel I've been able to bring quite a bit of experience (and data!) to the project from my work on and sites. Its also been my first forray offically into open source, which after a few hurdles am much enjoying. (for the record, the main stumbling block has been the tidyness of my code ;-)

If you think you can contribute in a similar way please consider becoming a developer or simply you may be interested in using the Geograph API. Thanks for your interest.

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