The British Isles is burning!

It has to be said that when we started the Geograph British Isles project we certainly didn’t think it would grow quite a quickly as it has, nor that we could get such a submission rate, particulaly in adding depth – adding photos to a square once it was turned red on the map. Well to this end we recently introduced depth maps which colour the map based on the number of photos in the square. A preview is available here, but click the image for the normal Geograph map viewer in this new mode. Just goes to show how well photographed some areas are, but also a lot of the country only has the first geograph in the square, so much more depth to go!

Update: View as a time-based animation.
(includes raw frames as would like someone to make a better presentantion of this!)

btw, as I am colour-blind and unable to come up with the colour scheme, can only thank who ever created the colour scheme for CIS. (A very interesting package – worth playing with just for the data it has – I can provide a file to load geograph depth into it if interest!)

(yes the title is a tribute to this)

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