Directions to My Maps finally!

Google has just added a new feature to Google Maps to save a set of directions into a My Map! This makes obsolete a popular script on ere :)

But they have gone a step further! This screenshot probably explains it best



Warning: it seems the ‘Save to My Maps’ overwrites the previous content of a My Map, not append like I would expect :(
Edit: maybe its only temporally, if it happens to you, try disabling and reenabling the map – see comments.

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  2. Frank Taylor says:

    The only problem is that after you “Draw a line along roads” and then click the “View in Google Earth Option”, you only get the points you entered. The follow along roads feature doesn’t translate into GE. I guess I understand this – because you would have to either 1) transfer the road data as KML (not allowed probably by the road data license); or 2) come up with a new server function to transmit the road data transparently in the GE server/client (adding code to two applications).

  3. Barry says:

    Gd point, hadnt noticed that!

    re 2), the KML already notes that the data is _SnapToRoads so it would only need Google Earth client to read and understand that, maps would need no further modificataion. (it can retreive the road data from Google Maps like it does for directions now)

    In fact we could create a script that takes the MyMaps KML and converts it to network links – much like my original multi-to-kml script…

  4. taj says:

    Hi Barry,

    Could you give me any more details on how saving directions to a map is overwriting your content in old maps? I can’t seem to reproduce this bug. :/



  5. Barry says:

    Hmm, playing now, it only seems to do it some of the time.

    And it might be my fault. Was just able to reproduce it now… Create a New map, and some placemarks, and then *without* saving, goto the ‘Get directions’ tab and perform directions. The Pins are still shown on the map as well as the directions. But then click ‘save to my maps’ in the directions panel, the map returns to the ‘My Maps’ tab. But the original placemarks are gone (from the map and the sidepanel). So perhaps its the fact I didnt Save?

  6. Barry says:

    And, if untick the map in the ‘created by me’ area, and retick, the missing placemarks return!!!!

    Curiouser and curiouser!

    Chrome if relevent.

  7. taj says:

    Thanks for the extra info! Definitely sounds bizarre. I’ll look into this further and file a bug. :)

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  9. Georgio8 says:

    ‘Save to my maps’ only seems to appear on Driving Directions, not on Walking Directions. I Frequently use Walking Directions as a starting point for a cycle route (see the above link). I think it’s absence from Walking Directions is unnecessarily discriminatory in favour of motor vehicles!