is it ScenicOrNot?


ScenicOrNot is a new mashup from the good people at mySociety – with the simple aim of finding the scenic spots across Great Britain; I’ve no idea what the super secret purpose of this site is, but they have promised to release the data, so it could be used in lots of exciting ways… 


Oh and of course the photos are sourced from Geograph British Isles.

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  1. Justin says:

    Hi there, I’m having an issue with the, I generated a kml file with links to multiple Google Maps, but when I removed two of those maps from the links and added one more (in the administrative interface on and hit update, the previous maps still always show up (and the new one doesn’t). I’ve waited 12 hours and checked back and it’s still not updated. Any suggestions? (sorry to post this in a wierd place, but didn’t see any other help forum or anything for Thanks!