My Maps Container

When using the Google’s My Maps feature you can display multiple maps at once simply by ticking the boxes, however the ‘Link to this Map’ will only ever include 1 map, so you can’t easily send a group of maps to someone.

… So a new script – this time under the banner – for creating a ‘container’ KML that simply opens a bunch of maps at once – this KML is openabe in Google Earth, but also you can share the link so others can see your batch of My Maps at once in Google Maps.

Create a KML container for a group of My Maps

As a total aside I notice My Maps, now sport a (Geo)RSS feed :)

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2 Responses to “My Maps Container”

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  2. You have done wonderfil work here which SHOULD have been done by Google! One question. I am trying to create a Google Gadget of my maps according to your instructions. Everything works well EXCEPT I cannot get a height above 200 no matter what I change in the code generated. Is this a preset limit or am I missing something? Thanks again.