The State of the Map…

Over the weekend I attended OpenStreetMap‘s first conference “State of the Map“, all in all a very enjoyable time, great to to listen to all the talks, and also chat with various mappers, meet up with various people I’ve only met before in cyberspace.

Hopefully it will inspire me to actually contribute, esp as frequent two ‘holes’ in the current data…

An interesting little snippet from Ed Parsons talk, is this slide, which shows KML/GeoRSS publishing as indexed by Google, somehow I think I reconsise the British Isles hotspot; geograph, which publishes many KML feeds, (about 600k (the Superlayer, and also a file per photo), of which about 300k are reported to be indexed in Google’s main index, so show up well in ‘User Generated Content‘ in Google Maps!)

Everyone (nearly) – me third from left

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3 Responses to “The State of the Map…”

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  2. Frank Taylor says:

    I assume you mean third from the left at the front (holding the banner)?

    I’d like to hear more about the chart Ed Parsons showed. Looks very cool. That would be wild if your GeoGraph was the reason the UK has so many placemarks. I’m assuming the slide showed a heat map of all placemarks (as opposed to all KML files)?

  3. Barry says:

    Third from the very left, Green Jacket, white T-shirt, glasses ;)

    Don’t actually know much more detail, of the slide, but I think it does do placemarks et al, as Ed mentioned being able to follow tracks across oceans in the hi res version (which would imply lots of points). It was the state in early June, I don’t know how the ballance goes KML/GeoRSS, but I imagine mostly KML.

    - Look closely at Ireland in the full screen version, the Northern Ireland coverage closely matches, Geograph, so a definite link, but I strongly suspect that Geograph (and maybe even nearby) contribute heavily to Great Britain.