Tweaking the number of the MGRS layer

Ever since releasing the MGRS layer for Google Earth, I’ve been asked a number of times (well about 10) about tweaking the numbers on the gridlines, to be more ‘MGRS like’. To be honest havent had a clue what this means, but a recent email made me twig whats going on.

Basically the numbers included the hundreds of KM, but in fact that number is already represented in the Grid Letters so doesnt make sence to include again (it was there because the layer was an almost direct port of the UTM code, which of course needs it).

So the server hosted version has been updated, and also the file inside the zip for the offline version (which are in fact identical code!), and if really interested heres the diff.


7 Responses to “Tweaking the number of the MGRS layer”

  1. Brian says:

    can I get a copy of the old mgrs. kmz file? The new one does display any thing after the decimal but a zero. The old one would change when zooming in. Thanks…BTS

  2. Barry says:

    OMG – you are right! How was that not spotted?

    Anyway I have updated the server version so you will probably get the correct version anyway – but the file in the offline is again updated, and the diff

  3. Bruce Kendall says:

    Thank you for doing what you do so well.
    I am talking about the Worldwide MGRS Gridlines Layer
    Finding this has been a treasure for me, like winning the lottery.
    I make large compliations of Google Earth (40km x 40 km) maps for a militay client in Saudi Arabia.
    Then I adjust them in Adobe Photoshop for color balance and such.
    And they want MGRS grids on them, but for some reason can’t supply the reference info quickly to me.
    Your tool has cut down so much stress on my projects.
    Thank you so much

    Bruce Kendall

    Google Eath should buy it from you and include it in Google Earth

  4. Chris says:

    I have tried desperately to tweak it so I can view the .01km lines while not zoomed in so much and for the life of me can’t get it. Is in the settings as I’ve read or not possible? Thank you for the work it is GREAT!

  5. rgrx says:

    The best Nav tool this side of falconview. Just great! Thank you.

  6. Martin Vinther says:

    No matter how hard i try i cant get the coordinates on Fort Hood to match. Fx. in a training paper the mission is supposed to start at grid NK600553. This is all outside the training area of Fort Hood by aproximately 20 kilometers to the east. Help wanted please…

  7. Ian says:

    The MGRS grid looks like its based on WGS84. I’m doing some research in Vietnam using grid references taken off old maps that possibly used WGS60 grids, and it looks like there’s a varience of several hundred metres between WGS84 and where the WGS60 grid locations are.
    Does anybody know of a KML file with WGS60 grids so I can use old grid references to locate places in Google Earth?