GB+Ireland Gridlines for (Mapping) Garmin GPSr’s

I recently got a new shiny Garmin Handheld GPS receiver (GPSmap 76C), and I’m really impressed with the mapping. However I’ve been brought up on OS maps and find Grid References easier to use than lat/long, so the National Grid comes naturally, unfortunately such units don’t feature grid-lines. But not any more, download Grid-lines for a Garmin device here. I include plain text files in case others can convert the mp files to something for use on other devices for example!

(could be said to be following in the footsteps of a very similar feature for Google Earth ;) , with interest could even create a UTM version – but would be much bigger files due to the greater coverage )

2 Responses to “GB+Ireland Gridlines for (Mapping) Garmin GPSr’s”

  1. john stone says:

    I am surprised that you had to create nat grid lines. I think that all garmin devices allow the oppurtunity to change the base mapping to uk nat grid under the “set up map” “location” menu which lists uk nat grid as one of the options. certainly my very old emap has this and i have happily searched for landranger refs in the maps.

  2. Barry says:

    Hello John,

    It’s true that many handheld GPS’s can display and work with Grid References.

    What this does is display visible grid-lines on the GPS screen, see the screenshots, eg:
    maybe the emap could do that, but my GPSMAP76 couldn’t, where needs must and all that…
    Admittedly not that useful, but makes matching the gps screen to printed OS maps much easier… also good for Geograph