Geograph British Isles Images matching 'bridge' 2010-12-23T21:43:24+00:00 text/html 2009-04-12T13:17:17+00:00 Richard Croft 53.655669 -0.311618 TA1119 : Ancient bridge Medieval stone bridge over a watercourse in the ruins of Thornton Abbey text/html 2009-04-12T15:34:16+00:00 Mike White 52.674317 -2.379157 SJ7408 : Wesley Brook runs under bridges in Haughton Lane This is another view of [[138203]]. The road over the bridge connects Haughton Lane with the A464 Priorslee Road. text/html 2009-04-12T16:35:59+00:00 Andy Waddington 54.504835 -1.947771 NZ0312 : Rutherford Bridge Rutherford bridge carries Stang Lane over the River Greta and is a classic high humpback bridge only wide enough for one vehicle. Seen here from the downstream side on a sunny afternoon with the river at a spring level - too low for kayaking, but considerably higher than the summer base level. text/html 2009-04-12T17:00:22+00:00 Gordon Brown 55.474354 -4.552101 NS3823 : Oswald's Bridge, Auchincruive On the River Ayr Way, this bridge was erected in 1826. It is named after Richard Oswald who made his money as a tobacco importer and in the slave trade. text/html 2009-04-12T17:12:29+00:00 Gordon Brown 55.478720 -4.532283 NS4023 : Bridge pillars Remains of a wagon-way bridge linking Annbank coal-pits to markets in Ayr. text/html 2009-04-12T17:19:55+00:00 Nigel Brown 52.301191 -3.803644 SN7768 : Bridge over old leat on Llethr Brith Two solid stone slabes have been used to provide a bridge over the bed of the old leat. It's not clear as to whether these were part of the original construction, or have been placed more recently. text/html 2009-04-12T22:42:14+00:00 Richard Fensome 51.896747 -8.500803 W6571 : Daly's Bridge, Cork City This elegant suspension bridge carries a footpath across the River Lee from Fitzgerald Park to the Sunday's Well area of the city. text/html 2009-04-13T09:49:41+00:00 Eric Jones 53.398104 -4.433345 SH3891 : Pont Tai Hen bridge Pont Tai Hen means "old houses bridge" text/html 2009-04-13T10:50:16+00:00 David Hawgood 52.345640 -6.472075 T0422 : Wexford old bridge abutment by Redmond Road The Carcur Bridge was rather flimsy according to an account on Wexfordways It was in use until the 1950s when it was replaced by the present Wexford Bridge. In the photo the other abutment at Crosstown can be seen across the Slaney. text/html 2009-04-13T14:11:02+00:00 Mike Faherty 51.171726 -2.684239 ST5241 : Queen's Sedge Moor, bridge Simple concrete bridge over [[1248789]], giving access to fields to the South. text/html 2009-04-13T14:41:31+00:00 CBL 56.489379 -5.121925 NN0737 : Bridge over River Kinglass Bridge over the River Kinglass just before it flows into Loch Etive. text/html 2009-04-13T15:41:52+00:00 mick finn 51.771105 -0.588514 SP9708 : New Road bridge, Northchurch Bridge carrying New Road (B4506) over the Grand Union. text/html 2009-04-13T15:59:40+00:00 mick finn 51.771285 -0.588509 SP9709 : Canal Bridge, New Road, Northchurch Canal bridge carrying New Road over the Grand Union. The sign states that this is Bridge 139. text/html 2009-04-13T16:14:29+00:00 Raymond Knapman 53.338492 -2.051623 SJ9682 : Road bridge in Lyme Park View of bridge over feeder stream to lake from pathway text/html 2009-04-13T16:51:43+00:00 CBL 56.487277 -5.003146 NN1536 : Suspension bridge over the River Kinglass This small suspension bridge can sway alarmingly as you walk over it. text/html 2009-04-13T16:56:27+00:00 Roger McLachlan 57.446503 -5.569851 NG8545 : Bridge over the Allt a' Ghiubhais The stonework supporting the bridge looks recently built or renovated. text/html 2009-04-13T17:28:00+00:00 Glen Denny 50.594124 -3.911658 SX6478 : The 'new' bridge at Postbridge The B3212 crosses the newer of the two bridges at Postbridge and heads towards Two Bridges and Princetown. text/html 2009-04-13T18:03:57+00:00 Stephen Sweeney 55.654506 -3.726252 NS9141 : Hyndford Bridge Crosses the River Clyde just south of Lanark, at the village with the same name as the bridge. text/html 2009-04-13T20:46:26+00:00 Philip Halling 54.416904 -3.078040 NY3002 : Bridge at Bridge End Bridge over Greenburn Beck in Little Langdale.