In the time honoured tradition, of kinda resurrecting closed down Google products, heres another..


Its the start of an attempt to recreate Classic Google Maps. But not far beyond a prototype yet.

It can already display KML files, split screen streetview, and 45-degree aerial imagery,┬áthree things lost in ‘New Maps’.

Its on GitHub:

and has its own issue tracker:

If want it to develop, post your requests!

Update: Added two new map types, a live emulation of UK road colour scheme (works worldwide!), and access to legacy map tiles, from before Google changed the colour scheme. I dont think the tiles will be updated to include new roads etc, but might be interesting to get a decent colour scheme.

One Response to “ClassyGMaps”

  1. Frizzle says:

    Hey Barry,

    not a request, just wanted to drop you a line to say: thank you, you’re the man!
    I rely on the split panel view a lot, with street view in one and directions in the other so I can “walk through” a route when needed. You just saved my mobility.

    greetings from Holland,