(Google) GeoWeb Search API

I dont know when it happened, but the API to search Googles GeoIndex seems to have gone live. The documentation is here (http method) and here (javascript). I actully found this via the recently announced Google Maps API for Flash, which is also good.

/me wanders off to play (but dont have much time at the moment :( )

but before I go, I note that the api doesn’t appear to offer KML output :p

… unless of course the actual GeoSearch API is something bigger!

update: try it out:


Not much to look at, but does show the json in a slightly easier to read format. Of course need to make a Maps API based map to try it out, but not tonight… (but did get as far as KML output – with source code!)

update2: Its been formally announced! (also if you find the ‘blended’ doesnt return results you expect, see this thread


5 Responses to “(Google) GeoWeb Search API”

  1. Rich says:

    Very interesting, but when I tried it out with “Herne Bay” and a lat/long of 52/0 it only found Herne Bay in Aukland, rather than the one in Kent…


    Am I doing something wrong (apart from wanting to look for Herne Bay in the first place!?)…?

  2. Barry says:


    Seems to be a bug in Googles API, I’ve quiered it with Google to no response.

    In the meantime you can change to ‘kmlonly’ in the dropdown, seems to return results when ‘blended’ doesnt.

  3. Rob says:

    Hi Barry,

    Useful tool. Am I missing something or just disappointed? I expected the search to return a link to a KML file?


  4. Barry says:


    I deliberatly didnt provide a link to a KML file as didnt really want people using the script as a webservice (to get the results in KML format) – more just to show its possible, and the source code to do so.

    Having said that if there is interest could probably consider setting it up as a service (where you have to provide your Google API key – rather than use mine)

    (or if you mean that Googles API doesnt return KML – I would consider that something of a disappointment too!)

  5. Vince says:

    (Google) GeoWeb Search API 2 KMLalpha!
    Tried this 4 time on GE but it doesn’t work.
    Parse error: line 7 column 60
    Nice idea though.

    Thanx, Vince