GeoRSS for nearby blog!

In one of those duh! moments, I suddenly realised the ironicness of the nearby blog not being GeoRSS enabled.

So now thanks to the wonderfully simple but powerful GeoPress WordPress extension, feeds are now GeoRSS talking, however this has only really been of any use (which probably why not done before) on the recent PhotoSpot mini series where the blog post is tied to a location!

It also allows a minimap to be embeded into the post, I’m not so sure on benefit of that in my case so have put one in the last post to see how it looks…

Also taken the opportunity to install Akismet plugin to help trap spam, I have my own very simple capatcha that means I only get about 4-5 a week anyway.

Update: also found you can get a (Geo)RSS feed of a particular category, so can could subscribe to the photospot series.

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