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The data below is provided without warranty of any kind, it may be outdated and the mapplets listed no longer functional.

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South American Trade

Data last fetched: 2010-12-18 20:22:59

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Url Kmz
TitleSouth American Trade
DescriptionGeographical information doesn't necessarily mean flying around your neighbourhood. Sometimes, it's about providing a geographical context for information to be displayed, such as in the example here. The Timoney Group have created this KML giving an over
AuthorThe Timoney Group
Author Link

NOTE: I've had some trouble parsing international charactors from the mapplet XML files, so only English and simple Latin based languages are included currently. Hope to sort this soon.

This Maps Directory was created by crawling the now defunct official Google Maps directory, which has now been discontinued. The data provided on each result is provided directly by the mappet creator and may or may not be accurate. is not affiliated with Google or any of the creators of the content listed here. Use this directory entirely at your own risk!. Contact the curator with ANY concerns, can also send me the url of your mapplet if want it included.

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