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Geonames Webservices!

Recently Geonames introduced a nice overview page, that basically makes this redundent (not to mention out of date!).

So I not sure whether to or this page, it all depends on if people find this page useful, let me know by clicking one of the buttons

Click a column header to resort, or click a webservice to see the offical documentation

postalCodeCountryInfoPostal code country infoInformation-county listxml
countryInfoCountry InfoInformationcounty code(Bounding Box, Capital, Area in square km, Population)xml
weatherIcaoJSONWeather Station with most recent weather observationFeature InformationICAOweather station and the most recent weather observationJSON
findNearbyPostalCodesFind nearby postal codesLocation Searchlat+lng or PostcodeList of Postcodesxml
findNearbyWikipediaFind nearby Wikipedia articlesLocation Searchlat+lng or Postcodewikipedia entriesxml
findNearbyPostalCodesJSONFind nearby postal codesLocation Searchlat+lng or PostcodeList of PostcodesJSON
findNearbyPlaceNameFind nearby place nameReverse Geocodinglat,lngclosest populated placexml
countrycodeCountry codeReverse Geocodinglat,lngiso country codeText
findNearestAddressFind nearest AddressReverse GeocodingUSlat,lngnearest addressxml
findNearestIntersectionFind nearest IntersectionReverse GeocodingUSlat,lngIntersectionxml
findNearByWeatherJSONnearest Weather Station with most recent weather observationReverse Geocodinglat,lngstation closest toJSON
gtopo30ElevationDatalat,lngelevation in meterstext
weatherJSONWeatherstation and weather observationLocation Searchlat/lng BBOXlist of weather stationsJSON
earthquakesJSONRecent EarthquakesLocation Searchlat/lng BBOXreturns a list of earthquakesJSON
wikipediaBoundingBoxWikipedia Articles in Bounding BoxLocation Searchlat/lng BBOXwikipedia entriesxml
postalCodeLookupJSONPlacename lookup with postalcodeGeocodingpostalcode,countrylist of placesJSON
postalCodeSearchPostal codeGeocodingPostcode/Placenamelist of postal codes and placesxml
wikipediaSearchWikipedia Fulltext SearchText Searchtext stringwikipedia entriesxml
searchGeonames Search WebserviceGeocodingtext stringlist of placesxml
searchJSONGeonames Search WebserviceGeocodingtext stringlist of placesJSON

Last updated 04/07/2006.

This page content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License as per the original documentation.
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