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this page is part of GeographTools - Extensions to Geograph British Isles

Experimental Geograph Points

User ID:

TPoint since Mar 2010s, but only counts images submitted since 2010-03-12, basically unlimited points per square

1st.Kenneth Allen1,623
2nd.Ben Brooksbank985
3rd.sarah sitzsimons533
4th.Graham Horn531
5th.Ciaran O'Flanagan323
6th.Richard Webb278
7th.John Ferguson265
8th.Oliver Dixon247
9th.Steven Brown174
10th.Sarah McGuire163
11th.David Gearing146
12th.David Hawgood136
13th.david glass133
14th.nick macneill124
15th.Kieran Campbell119
16th.Claire Pegrum115
17th.Tim Harrison113
18th.Karl and Ali102
19th.Neville Goodman101
"Dorothy Carse101
21st.Sarah Charlesworth98
22nd.kevin higgins97
23rd.John M95
24th.Patrick Mackie90
25th.John Allan87
26th.Russel Wills85
27th.Andy Spenceley79
"Eric Jones79
"Mike Pennington79
30th.Robin Webster74
31st.John Baker70
32nd.roger geach69
34th.Gordon Brown67
35th.Chris Wimbush64
36th.Anne Burgess62
37th.Peter Aikman61
"Colin Kinnear61
"Jim Barton61
40th.Eileen Henderson59
"David G Campbell59
"Nic Bullivant59
44th.Ian Paterson57
45th.Mike Searle54
"Richard Law54
47th.Gordon Hatton50
"Mary and Angus Hogg50
"Elliott Simpson50
52nd.Philip Halling47
53rd.Toby Speight46
"Peter Moore46
55th.RH Dengate45
"George Brown45
57th.Chris Andrews44
58th.Aubrey Dale42
59th.Andy Waddington41
60th.ian shiell35
"Andrew Wood35
62nd.Jonathan Wilkins34
63rd.Derek Harper33
64th.louise price32
"Alex McGregor32
67th.sylvia duckworth31
"Phillip Williams31
69th.Hugh Venables30
70th.Trevor Littlewood29
"Paul Simonite29
"Keith Salvesen28
"Tom Richardson28
75th.Jonathan Billinger27
"Chris Denny27
"Philip Barker27
78th.Andrew Smith26
"Mike Dunn26
"Dean Molyneaux26
82nd.Colin Smith25
"David Brown25
"David Hillas25
"Rod Allday25
"Steve Daniels25
88th.Martin Addison23
"Robin Stott23
"David Purchase23
91st.Chris Gunns22
"Iain Lees22
"David Dixon22
94th.C Michael Hogan21
"Barry Shimmon21
"Peter Edwards21
"Peter Kazmierczak21
98th.Adam Ward20
100th.Oast House Archive19
"Derek Voller19
103rd.Nigel Brown18
"A McCarron18
"Guy Wareham18
"john bateson18
"Anthony O'Neil18
109th.Des Colhoun17
"M J Richardson17
"Keith Cunneen17
114th.Dr Julian Paren16
"Nigel Mykura16
"Dave Spicer16
"Michael Murtagh16
118th.Stephen McKay15
"Callum Black15
"Keith Grinsted15
"Brian Robert Marshall15
"Dr Duncan Pepper15
"Colin Pyle15
127th.Walter Baxter14
"UK Payphone Directory14
"Kevin Philpott14
"Dr Richard Murray14
"Ashley Dace14
"Bob Cowan14
"Alan James14
136th.Alan Stewart13
"Andy MacArthur13
139th.Greg Morss12
"don cload12
"Richard Humphrey12
"David P Howard12
145th.Rodney Burton11
"Ron Shirt11
"Mike Quinn11
"Trevor Rickard11
"J Scott11
"Colin Bell11
"Neil Theasby11
"Alan Hodgson11
155th.Stanley Howe10
"Nic Howes10
"Frances Passey10
"David Martin10
"Jeremy Bolwell10
"Raymond Knapman10
"Bill Boaden10
164th.Glyn Baker9
"Rudi Winter9
"Roger Gittins9
"Keith Evans9

Data last updated: 2017-03-25
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