Grid References on Google Maps

I made this ages ago, but forgot about it. And as I havent said anything on here for a while, I’ll post it now just to fill the void. Its a simple mapplet that allows jumping to the location on Google Maps by Grid reference, as well as displaying the GR of the clicked point. KISS

GB and Ireland Grid References Mapplet

Thanks to Lordelph for the Javascript (but I notice that links to a version hosted here!)

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12 Responses to “Grid References on Google Maps”

  1. Mike Nolan says:

    Thanks for this – just what I’ve been looking for!

  2. Daniel says:


    Now how about a Maplet that will give me a postcode from a point on a Google Map as simply? I know about your converter on

    Or a way of putting a postcode into Google Maps?

  3. Barry says:

    > give me a postcode from a point on a Google Map as simply?
    Since Google has just released a reverse geocoder for the API, a nice demo here:
    surprised no mapplet to do the same! (I guess that is the prompt to make it…)

    > Or a way of putting a postcode into Google Maps?
    Just enter a postcode into the search box, if it doesnt like it just add ‘, uk’ to the end :)

  4. Daniel says:

    That’s great! Though a shame the reverse decoder won’t give the postcode (for UK addresses)

    Is there a way of putting a UK OS Grid Ref into Google?

  5. Piers Cunliffe says:

    Hi, seems really good what you have a created, however…. in my maps i have already pinpointed certain locations, is it possible to get a grid ref off my pre defined points without having to hunt for the spot again?



  6. Colin Chapman says:

    Thanks for a very useful add-on to Google maps, it will save a lot of time

  7. Nick says:

    Excellent. Very useful for manual setting of waypoints in GPS.

  8. Bob says:

    Thanks for a useful gadget.

    Would it be possible to put a Placemark at the location of the grid reference entered so that it can easily be found again and to enable it to be saved to Mymaps, used for directions etc.

  9. martin smith says:

    Thanks so much. Needed a couple of grid refs to submit a form to the environment agency. Much obliged.

  10. John Gow says:

    Thanks. I’ve found with some westerly areas that it automaticaally changes over to the Irish system and does not display UK OS grid refs. Is there anyway of fixing this? West of Scotland and Wales are suffering from this, not tried Cornwall.

  11. susan says:

    Dear sir,

    Please let me know how to take grid reference from google earth map and take tha exact location.


    kind regards

  12. Barry says:

    For Gogole Earth, can install

    then position the marker over the exact point. (its in the center of the view, so move the globe to position it) – read the location from the infowindow on that marker.