Geograph completes its first whole Myriad

SP Myriad - Geograph Coverage Aug 2007 - (c) Geograph Creative Commons LicencedYesterday Geograph reached a significant milestone, getting photographs for a whole myriad. That’s a whole 100x100km square, or 10,000 squares.

Ok there have been a few smaller myriads complete for a while, but SP is a fully landlocked square so represents a significant achievement.

To celebrate: here is a zoomable flash wotsit to showcase all those glorious squares

2 Responses to “Geograph completes its first whole Myriad”

  1. Frank Taylor says:

    Congrats Barry! That’s a very cool milestone. Looks like you should have the whole thing wrapped up in a few months at this rate!

  2. Barry says:

    well for Great Britain :
    “… at the current rate of 1,066 points a week, we will reach 242,457 (full coverage) in 50 weeks time, or about August 2008!”

    Sadly Ireland is somewhat behind that, we speculate mainly from the high resolution maps being far less available. :(