Google Maps – Mapplets; a quick Geograph demo…

Wow, Google have again gone and introduced an almost draw-dropping new feature to Google Maps – Mapplets. Put simply they allow you to create mini-map-mashups, but as they run on, visitors can view your content along side the normal content of Google Maps – but even more interestingly visitors can load more than one Mapplet at a time, combining the data from each mashup onto ONE map!!!

And it turns out they are really easy to code for been based on Google Gadgets (which I haven’t used before) and Google Maps API (which I have :) ), but I also congratulate Google on including in the package ‘Developer’ mapplets that make developing relatively painless.

Anyway onto the demos, just visit (it’s a Developer orientated demo for the moment), click the ‘Mapplets’ tab, goto ‘Add Content’ and see what takes your fancy. To try out my (very humble!) demo, use the ‘Add by URL’ and paste in the following URL:

(more about maplets in the post linked in the first paragraph!)

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  1. [...] Mapplets sind kleine Anwendungen, die sich in eine Google Map per iFrame laden lassen. Die Inhalte stammen nicht von Google, sondern von Dritten die diese vorbereitet haben. Ein Beispiel speziell für Entwickler bietet unter anderem die Google Real Estate Search an. Hier werden die Immobilienanzeigen aus Google Base in der Map dargstellt. Gleiches könnte auch von anderen angeboten werden, denn die Mapplets-API ist nicht sehr kompliziert. Ein Beispiel gibt es bei Diesen Artikel bookmarken Diese Icons verzweigen auf soziale Netzwerke bei denen Nutzer neue Inhalte finden und mit anderen teilen können. [...]

  2. Wonderful! Your embrace of new/evolving technology is inspiring. I used it as my example of the power of Mapplets in my talk at Where 2.0. ;-)

    Thanks again,

  3. Barry says:

    Great, it was only a quick demo too! Hopefully will be able to catch a video of the talk at somepoint!


  4. Nikolai says:

    That spam prevention can’t stop me!

    I never knew there was so much to mapping. I searched my postcode. Very nice.

    I was sceptical about google maps, but they have taken things very seriously and I am, these days, a total convert.

  5. Barry says:

    hihi, it not meant to stop you, just those pesky spammers (which it does a reasonable job – along with Akismet is very good)

    nice icons :)

    (in case others are wondering, I work with Nikolai!)