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Location Search Statistics

This location search has the ability to query 66 datasets!
 Of these only 45 are currently active. (3 are still in development)
 1 of these even fetches the results live from the internet as you search.
 And 1 datasets includes links to more information about each point.

20 datasets are shown on the simple form, representing the main dataset of each type.
 With a further 25 smaller datasets available on the advanced form.

Ranging from Web Results with 20974 points and with 10126 points to Slate Mines with 48 points.

From the locally cached datasets there is a total of 103522 points,
 This amounts to 60616 seperate locations (with a different GR).
 (many of these are still duplicaticates where the same location has a different GR in different datasets)

From the points with a Flush Bracket number listed, we identify 16715 different FB numbers!
 Of these 6603 are Pillar FB's, and 10123 are Wall Brackets (or NPFB's)

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