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Petition :: Google Earth should make the sea floor rendering optional

Google Earth Flight Recorder (beta) Read more on my blog

Use this script to record a flight in Google Earths Flight Simulator!

  1. Enter short name: (for your reference in your 'My Places')
  2. - should open in Google Earth
  3. Select 'Record' in the options, under the link downloaded
  4. Switch to FlightSim mode - and FLY!
  5. When Exit set the link back to 'Off'
  6. To review the flight select either 'Download ...' (NEW: select to download as timestamped placemarks OR as a line)
  7. Edit and customise the recording (not forgetting to move somewhere safe for posterity)

... if want another recording, simply download another above!

  • This is only a technical preview - might break, or be replaced with a better version!
  • people will only be able to view your recordings if you send them the networklink (or the data directly), I won't publish any recordings.
    • (other than my own or if you let me know and want to showcase one of yours!)
    • A really lame example (on Maps - but need 3D to appreciate it), just recorded to test it out on a Mac, (yes the crash was deliberate!)
  • Will only take samples at 2 or more (5 is default) second intervals, and will only record for a maximum of 10 minutes
    • If interest might lift those restrictions (or just release the source so can be self hosted!)
  • The 'download' is very basic, just gives you the raw data to play with!
  • I'll probably keep the records for as long as possible, but if worried take a copy!

Support and help keep it free!

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