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Petition :: Google Earth should make the sea floor rendering optional

Google Earth GPS (beta) Read more on my blog

Use this script to get a GPS style arrow pointing towards a point, ideally suited for use with the Flight Simulator.

  1. Enter short name: (for your reference in your 'My Places')
  2. Enter Lat/Long of the point want directions to:
    Latitude: Longitude:
  3. Choose Mode:
    Relative (direction relative to current heading)
    Absolute (just shows direction relative to north)
  4. - should open in Google Earth
  5. Switch to FlightSim mode - and FLY!
  6. When Exit remember to turn it back off!
  • This is only a technical preview - might break, or be replaced with a better version!
  • Doesnt work that well at high altitude, due to using the bearing of the point in the center of view, not the camera, which can be quite different when up high. But close to the ground seems quite accurate.
  • The 'arrow' is not realtime, updates approximatly every 5 seconds.
  • Heavily inspired by this posting!

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