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Scenicness Map of Great Britain

Friday, August 21st, 2009

This was made a while ago, but never really publised – so time it was given a bit more exposure…

Thanks to the thousands of people rating locations over at ScenicOrNot, and the fact those locations are tied to Geograph images, we can plot the scenicness on a map!

Screenshot of ScenicOrNot data plotted on the Geograph Interactive Mapper

ScenicOrNot based map

The interactive mapper on Geograph now has a ScenicOrNot layer – updated weekly. You can also use the mapper to view the projects coverage so far.
Click the thumbnail to see the map for an area just south of Edinbrough, drag the map for other areas :) . The lighter the colour the more scenic.

is it ScenicOrNot?

Saturday, April 4th, 2009


ScenicOrNot is a new mashup from the good people at mySociety – with the simple aim of finding the scenic spots across Great Britain; I’ve no idea what the super secret purpose of this site is, but they have promised to release the data, so it could be used in lots of exciting ways… 


Oh and of course the photos are sourced from Geograph British Isles.

Go rate a grid square now! Also at