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WP 2.5 Arrr! (or just Upgrades in general)

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Well its taken some time, but finally managed to update 2.5(.1) – quite a while ago changed to upgrade via SVN which makes updating (usually) a dream, but not getting to 2.5.

No idea why, but the simple

svn sw

Just didnt cut it,

PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_tag_feed_link() (previously declared in wp-includes/link-template.php:384) in wp-includes/feed.php on line 211
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function absint() in wp-includes/query.php on line 1346

etc. It seems it simply didn’t update all the files?

So back to basics, and doing a fresh install of 2.5 and installing my stuff into it (just like the first time setting up SVN) – now the working copy switches to 2.5.1 without issue!

Anyway, now have 2.5 running – quite like it, the admin is certainly more responsive, not sure of new features yet, dont tend to push WP that much.

Oh and then upgrading plugins, somewhere along the line Akismet got conflicted? Zapping it and checking it out again fixed that. Then Geopress, thought it would make sence to switch to using SVN for that, and found the/a repositoity, but that only gives me 2.4.1, whereas this suggests 2.4.3?? I guess that repro is either outdated or abandoned? Also this page is borked.

[Update: just noticed the KML output from GeoPress doesn't work - installed 2.4.3 in the end too, but seeing as I wrote the KML code, I guess its my responsibilty to fix - will work on that!]

[Update2: The correct geopress repro location is here - thanks to Andrew in comments!]

Anyway at least it now done (for now)

GE: Wales in Hi-Res!

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Google Earth has just had its latest update, following tradition the Google LatLong blog releases a cryptic set of clues to the areas effected.

2) jumped out at me considering had to learn that name for school, and being reasonably local. However even more excitedly I notice that pretty much the whole of Wales looks distinctly uniform from far away – suggesting that this update covers pretty much the whole Country :) – the parts in the distant south not included seems to mostly in high res already – being the most populous!

Doesn’t Snowdonia look pretty now? (and the rest of Wales too!)

(Update: follow this post on for other updates)

Geohash converter; API limit upped

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Recently was released; the premise: short easy links that encode a location. The website offers instant conversion, but as the algorithm is Public Domain, Lordelph was quick to implement a php class, and I could quickly add the conversion to my existing conversion API. Convert a postcode to geohash anyone?

Updating the documentation noticed the API was last updated in 2005 – gulp, how time flies! Anyway as a celebration have upped the throttling on the API, now three times the previous limit. Running on much improved hardware than when it was launched so maybe the limit can be tweaked even more, will run some analysis of its impact – it already seems the API is a minor part of the overall load on the server – particularly against the Google Earth layers.

A winter spruce up…

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Have finally got round to (almost) sorting a issue that has plaguing this site for a while, namely a lack of header/footer for site pages. Primarily from laziness, but also due to the mixmash of server scripting languages used to power Nearby. Anyway the upshot is can now relatively easily edit the top/bottom menu areas. So to celebrate there is now far more links at the top of the page.

Have also taken the opportunity to publish a revised homepage I tried creating a while ago, I am not totally happy with it but think it possibly an improvement (or at least a declutter) of the old one, sadly no new features released tho!
(yes this is the first time in over a year an a half have done substantial development in areas other than the Google Dabbles or GeographTools pages)

MGRS fix for < 1km gratitules

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Following the update in July for hiding the 100km numbers from the gridline labels, it seems the same fix broke the sub KM lines, thanks to a comment on the original post for letting me know.

Anyway, the online hosted version has been updated (and checked at all scales as best I can!), and the same file pushed into the downloadable zip for the offline version, so can download the latest code from the file. And just for completeness the diff.

36 Blue Globes for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

I notice Jonathan has finished uploading all 36 layers of the Blue Marble Next Generation imagery, that he has been processing for viewing in Google Earth. These are the full resolution imagery available, at an impressive 500m per pixel I believe, and preprocessed for reasonably quick loading – shouldn’t be *that* much slower than GE’s built in imagery.

This is a full set of 12 month variations for each of the original, topographic shading, and topographic & bathymetric shading variations of the original data.

If you haven’t already done so, load the layer now! Or if you already have it simply right click the top most ‘reference’ item and click Refresh.

… could be wrong, but think this is the first time that all layers are available for easy viewing in Google Earth.

FlashEarth+GoogleEarth Part 2

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Following the amazing interest in the networklink for embedding FlashEarth inside Google Earth 4.2, have performed a few updates…

  1. The zoom is a LOT closer matched, this is thanks to the inspiring formula: $z = (-1.4956 * log($range/1000) + 16.529; (yes really!); brought to you by the wonder of plotting a graph in Excel, creating a trendline, turning on the formula display option. Probably could get an even better match with more patience, but probably about as good as it going to get really.
  2. Removed the title and the directions links, makes the balloon looks a bit nicer, couldn’t get it to go transparent for me tho… suggestions welcome.
  3. When the network link is now a folder so can choose the size of your popup :) The previous version is now the ‘medium’ one.

Though the magic of the web, you get 1) and 2) automatically, if want 3) just download it again:

Open in Google Earth (Required: GE 4.2 Windows)

Thanks again to everyone involved.

Tweaking the number of the MGRS layer

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Ever since releasing the MGRS layer for Google Earth, I’ve been asked a number of times (well about 10) about tweaking the numbers on the gridlines, to be more ‘MGRS like’. To be honest havent had a clue what this means, but a recent email made me twig whats going on.

Basically the numbers included the hundreds of KM, but in fact that number is already represented in the Grid Letters so doesnt make sence to include again (it was there because the layer was an almost direct port of the UTM code, which of course needs it).

So the server hosted version has been updated, and also the file inside the zip for the offline version (which are in fact identical code!), and if really interested heres the diff.