Google Earth: Flight Simulator GPS Arrow

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Google Earth GPS

Once you have chosen a destination point, a small arrow will be shown in the bottom right of your Google Earth window, which points towards your destination! Ideal for use in the flight simulator, where you can play follow the arrow.

Note it only updates every 5 seconds, and comes with all sorts of disclaimers such as don’t use in life or death situations.

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12 Responses to “Google Earth: Flight Simulator GPS Arrow”

  1. Barry says:

    A cool addition to this (IF there is interest) would be to be able to define multiple destinations; thereby when reach the first point (say within 0.5km) it jumps to directing you to the next, and the sequence repeats until finished :)

  2. Frank Taylor says:

    Nice work Barry! One nice thing would be to do an airport identifier lookup (I think there are some public domain databases for ICAO airport identifiers -Google “Airport lookup”). That should be fairly easy and would greatly enhance its utility for the Flight Simulator.

    Once you start that, I think you’re well on your way to adding GPS capability to the Flight Simulator. Just add a few other things like an interface to enter a flight plan (you would need navaid lookups for coordinates), distance calculator, and then figure out a way to show a chart plotter (maybe use Google Maps in a placemark window?). :-)

  3. Barry says:

    @Frank, I’ve heard that the Google Maps Geocoder used on the page already supports the 4 letter, ICAO identifiers :) Will add a note to the page

  4. [...] someone mention a chart plotter? If so have a look-see: Google Earth: Map [...]

  5. Joe Davis says:

    Flying at 10,000 feet (over YVR) the arrow seems to point the wrong way!

  6. Barry says:

    I thought had added a note that doesnt work at high altitude. :(

    I think its because the distance between the ‘groundpoint’ being looked ‘at’ is a long way from the camera….

  7. DeViN! says:

    i love google earht flight simulater

  8. Guilom says:

    Hi thanks for this add-on
    Is it possible to change it from km to Nm

  9. kiko Spain says:

    eEvery five minutes the map changes, but al last the program doesn`t work (10 minutes), Which is the problem?.


  10. Frost says:

    Seems incredibly interesting however, I am unsure of what to do with the Script after I have entered the coordinates in the link, I click the download and it gives me a .xml file, what do I do now?

  11. Nice addition to the google earth flight simulator

  12. Ashish says:

    I need to see my complete flight as how did flew over countries and GPS for the destination.

    those addons are just a graphic which doestn even give a real feel.

    any help ?