Search along a route

As a very rough, but somewhat nifty, proof of concept have created a little page, that answers (or attempts to!) the old age question of “Where is the best place to stop off for pizza along my route?”

Search along a route

as mentioned its very approximate, the search alogorithm is crude, I am certain there are better ways of doing it, anyone fancy taking it on?

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2 Responses to “Search along a route”

  1. Woods says:

    Great work!

    Would u be interested in porting this to ASP.NET? I can compensate you
    for your work. Plz email me at email@removed


  2. Barry says:


    Seeing as its client side javascript not really a lot to port, not that I would touch ASP.NET.

    But its under the apache licence the Google Sample it derived from is.