GE 4.3 first impressions…

First – User Based Navigation – without a Special Controller, FINALLY! GEarthBlog has more details of the new navigation controls – quite different – and lots of options now, but first impressions – it works well.

But actually downloading it? I followed a tip here, to the older download page. Not been in the US, never heard of the Updater thing they talk about, but that’s another story. Anyway that page offered to download me the old version, but poking around in the source leads to the latest. Of course by the time you read this it should be live for everyone anyway!


  • Still no Space Navigator support inside the photoviewer – why, oh WHY?
  • The Overview map is still broken :( But at least it doesn’t give error messages now – just big Red X’s!
  • Not a biggy, but a quirk, the new ‘Sunshine’ – or rather the shadow doesn’t affect 3d Models :p (but the screenshot on GEB seems to have lighting – video driver?) [Update: it seems some do, but not all, possibly the new photorealistic ones that dont...]

But to end on positive note, the new buildings and streetview look good – even if not available here. Oh and the photoviewer hasnt managed to crash GE yet!

Update: Just noticed they fixed the bug with truncation in the Properties dialog when entering lat/long :)

2 Responses to “GE 4.3 first impressions…”

  1. Jon says:

    Your postcode lookup at doesnt seem to work!

  2. Barry says:


    See This post about how postcodes worked and then stopped again! (just forgot to update that page)

    Of course I have my own postcode dataset, which oudl be be used, but too lazy. (use it yourself in the box on the homepage)