“The Wrekin” Panorama

As a little experiment in super high resolution panoramas, created a 61215x3105px image, stitched together from a number of 10Mpix images. I’ve uploaded here as a Zoomify Viewer so make viewing it quick and easy.

I’ll try and create a PhotoSpot out of it for Google Earth when get a chance, but would love to try this with the Image Pyramid and Photo Overlay system that might be coming soon!

Update: Uploaded the image to GigaPan.com, which takes the heavy lifting of getting the pano into Google Earth 4.2 plus. (which can display it using the Pyramid system mentioned!) Highly recommended. It’s possibly a little buggy, but the new version of GE has only been out a day!

2 Responses to ““The Wrekin” Panorama”

  1. Rob Roy says:

    Wow. Some pano!

    Nicely done. It’s great to be able to keep zooming in and, unlike most panoramas, still have a sharp image.

    Nice spot for a photo, too.

  2. Barry says:

    Glad you like it!

    Also just uploaded it to gigapan:
    (its the wide one)

    Which allows viewing in Google Earth! Only geocoded the top one so far, which seems to have a few issues. But will try geocoding the other soon (the one presented here)