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URLsnipper for Google alpha!

Original Url: (Length is 123),-3.603516&sspn=4.873065,8.448486&ie=UTF8&z=7
New Url: Length is 58 giving a saving of 53%,-3.603516&z=7

[Notify developer this shorted version is broken]
[Suggest this link could be shortened even further]

hl=en ((can leave it to the user to deside on their language))
sspn=4.873065,8.448486 ((not needed as covered by z=))
ie=UTF8 ((input has no special chars))

... go again...

Enter a Google Search/Maps URL to shorten it...

Enter URL:

No guarantees, Google could easily change something (intentionally or otherwise) to break this.
Has fairly advanced support for Google Maps, and basic support for Web and Image Searches - more to follow.

One thing to note, this function is optimised for cleaning up a link generated by the 'Link' function on Google Maps. (not the 'Map' link that is shown on a Google Search page)

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