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Petition :: Google Earth should make the sea floor rendering optional
Meet Me At - BETA
finding possible meeting points
for Geograph British Isles :: 224 points
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  • Click on the map roughly where you would be interested in meeting,
    • You are NOT marking a point, but rather an area, markers will merge and show the concentrations of users
    • there is no need to be accurate in your placement, just mark somewhere you would travel to
    • however if unhappy with the location just drag the marker.

  • Alternativly if there is already a meeting point nearby, you can pick it up and drag it a small distance (upto 20k), to nudge the point slightly in your direction.

  • When happy with your suggestion, fill out the short form below:


  • ... as time progress, the markers will gravitate towards possible meeting points, so check back often!

  • There is no commitment, this is just a tool to guage interest!
- Proposed Meeting Point   - Previous Meet
(Pan the map by dragging, or use the arrow buttons,
zoom by dragging the slider or using the mouse scroll wheel)
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Not affialiated with Google, uses the Google Maps API.

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