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this page is part of GeographTools - Extensions to Geograph British Isles
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Prototype Geograph Illustrator

Searches a local copy of 1,998,340 images,
latest image included from 2010-08-13 15:59:27

1) Title: (for your reference, but also used as high priorty keywords)

2) Paste in a block of text - the format is not important it will be stripped to basic text anyway

- to work well should features and locations in the area. eg a route description should work well!

3) Enter Grid Reference(s) - if, and only if, the above text contains Grid References this box can be left blank

- defines the area of interest for the map, eg can be a central point, a couple of points in the route, or the starting point.

4) - please be patient can take a number of minutes

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