Geograph Chat (beta)

We've set up an IRC chat channel for you to hang out on and natter to your fellow geographers.

There are two ways to connect

1. Use your browser

We've setup a Java applet which makes joining the channel fairly straightforward for anyone unfamiliar with IRC. To use the applet, simply enter your desired nickname below and press "Join".

(opens in a new window)

2. Use an IRC client

If you are familiar with IRC, then simply connect to and join #geograph

Important Notes

While logged in you might see an automated bot present in the geograph channel with the name "GeographBot". This is there so we can get an idea on the number of users in the channel to report on the website. To do this it records the last communication from each user, it does not log the whole conversation. In time it might have additional functionality like being able to answer questions about images etc

The channel is hosted by Freenode, which provides discussion facilities for the Free and Open Source Software communities, for not-for-profit organizations and for related communities and organizations.

You use the channel at your own risk - we can't guarantee a member of the team or appointed "operator" will be available on the channel to police it at all times

The applet we've provided is the open source PJIRC and is entirely unsupported. If it doesn't work for you, try an IRC client like mIrc (shareware) or Hydra (free).