Feeding GeoRSS and KML content to your Google Maps API based Map!

All hail the new GGeoXml class, just introduced into the Google Maps API! Now you can easily (usually 1 or 2 lines!) add content that you have in KML/Z or GeoRSS to a Google Map in your API page.

This is the same functionality that has been on the main Maps site (well the GeoRSS support is new!) for a while: nice for this to migrate to the API.

TIP: to try it don’t forget to use &v=2.x in your api loader to get the latest version that includes the GGeoXml.

To celebrate here is a Geograph Demo – following some testing will make it an official feature.

2 Responses to “Feeding GeoRSS and KML content to your Google Maps API based Map!”

  1. Paul Dixon says:

    This is nice – we should write some more detailed tutorials on this stuff – our search provides georss, I’d like to see people doing something interesting with it!

  2. Barry says:

    Well it turns out that KMZ doesnt seem to work (yet?) via the API based GGeoXml. They do via maps.google.com tho.

    Paul: Yes, we have quite an extensive API and collection of feeds and formats. It would be good to see it used more. One thing wondering is if we could provide a flickr compatiable API – that way many mashups built for flickr could be ported easily! (would have to check the legal implications tho – why dont other photo sharing sites do it…)